killer video conversions

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YouTube is a phenomenon. The 3rd most visited website on the planet, millions of people watching hundreds of millions of videos every single day, and – more importantly for us – a potential goldmine. Killer Video Conversions will show you how to harness the power of YouTube (and other video sharing sites), and drive masses of highly targeted traffic to your website. ...and that's been a long-time problem for many marketers. It isn't enough to stick a video up, sit back, and wait for the traffic to come flooding in. So, what does it take to make your viewer stop in his tracks and take action? What does it take to convert watchers into buyers? That's what I wanted to know, too. And that's what I decided to find out. Killer Video Conversions is the result of research and experimentation into the motivating factors you need to consider whenever you decide to upload a promotional video to YouTube.

I've boiled the process down to a simple 7-step formula, which I'm going to demonstrate by walking you through a short video I made last month. Once I applied the formula to one of my videos, the results were instantaneous. I began stealing traffic from YouTube. Not only that, but I got extra traffic when it started getting passed around in forums, email and direct from the search engines. I decided to redirect my new visitors to a site that wasn't generating any traffic, so I could easily track how well my video was converting. To date, this single video has brought me 1,695 brand new, unique visitors, and is rising every day.

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