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Shoot Geese, recommended shot size is No 2's in 12 gauge, I find this shot has good knock down capacity and does little damage to the meat. Remove breasts by cutting through the skin on the breast and pulling the skin away from the breast bone simultaneously in opposing directions. The skin will peel away exposing the breast meat.

Cut down vertically on both sides of the breast bone and remove the breasts by running a knife between the rib cage and the meat. Cut the breasts lengthways, about 5mm thick, marinade in a bowl with a slosh of olive oil garlic and juice of a couple of lemons. Leave covered in fridge overnight . Cook for about 2 mins a side on hot pan and serve with sliced crusty bread. Catch Cherabin. Cherabin are best caught using "Opera House" pots, baited with small tins of cat food, with holes punched through the lid. Peel the Cherabin bodies leaving the last tail segment, and the head on. Soak wooden skewers in water and push them through the Cherabin length ways. Coat lightly in olive oil and season with cracked pepper and coarse salt. Cook on a grill on an open fire for about two mins per side depending on the heat.... Careful not to overcook. Serve on the skewers with a cold beer.

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