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Buying an established website is a great way to own a ready-made web presence. If the website is good you can enjoy the benefit of a strong position in the search engines and capitalise on an instant flow of traffic. An established website gives you the chance to “jump the queue” as you don’t have to wait months for the search engines to rank you for your chosen keyword and niche. eBay is becoming an increasingly popular venue for traders to sell their websites because keen buyers looking for an established, profitable website are ready to snap them up. A quick look at eBay Pulse in the UK and the USA reveals that people are looking for “established”, “profitable” “website” “businesses”. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous sellers who are listing rubbish and attracting bids of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for websites not worth a fraction of that amount.

This guide has been created to help you determine what website’s are worth bidding on or purchasing and which one’s are best left well alone. The guide looks at several aspects of a website that makes it valuable, such as: • domain name • content • search engine position • revenue While this is not a definitive list of what makes one website more valuable than another, it should be enough to give you an idea to distinguish behind something worth spending your money on and something worth ignoring.

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